Constituted by a highly qualified team, BGC Finance supplies its expertise in financial investments and business development projects.

BGC Finance is dedicated to help and support C-level company management, entrepreneurs as well as financial professionals on the analysis and the development of their businesses.


BGC Finance is a reliable partner for supporting and helping professionals with their financial and strategic needs.

To be successful, healthcare companies and in particular biotech need specific knowledges and large amount of investments. Lot of businesses are in the same case.

Due to its expertise and strong scientific knowledge, BGC Finance can be a valuable partner to support companies.

  • Company valuation.
  • Financial analyses.
  • Business plan.
  • Company coverage.
  • Fund raising.
  • M&A and new partners.
  • International opportunities.

BGC Finance supplies its know-how to a broad spectrum of professionals, such as :

  • deeptech companies

(e.g., Healthtech, E-health, Biotechnology, IA, tech, education, etc);

  • top managers;
  • business angels;
  • endowment funds.

Regardless the kind of business and  missions,

BGC Finance aims to satisfy its clients performing its missions using gold standard patterns, and keeping business relationship on a long run.



BGC Finance supports its clients in all stages of their strategic development.


BGC Finance performs company and asset valuations with highest standards.


BGC Finance provides significant analyses of financial information and data.



BGC Finance analyzes your needs with professionalism and fairness.


Depending of our mandate,

BGC Finance interacts with its network and experts.


BGC Finance performs its mission according to our mandate.


BGC Finance delivers its works and advises its clients  on their needs.



BGC Finance, a professional team dedicated to the success of your project.

Launched in 2013, BGC Finance strengths are based on internal expertises, broad experiences and an expert network in corporate finance and business development.

High ethics and financial standards are the basis of the BGC Finance professional conduct.


Founder - Independent Financial analyst

Strong expertise in the life sciences and deeptech investment industry

(e.g., Erganeo, Theraclion, Bionest Partners, biotech VC funds with €200 M under management).

BSc Life Science from University Paris VI, Master in Innovation Management of Bioindustries from ESIEE Paris, MSc in Finance from SKEMA Business School.

Member of  the French Society of Financial Analysts (Société Française des Analystes Financiers - SFAF), and holds AMF certification (the stock market regulator in France).

French and portuguese citizen.


BGC Finance's network is built on 2 axis:

  • Collaborations with senior advisors and advisory companies holding a significant M&A and business track record;

  • A broad know-how and national and international ecosystems knowledge  developed across years and experiences.

With the strength of its network and collaborations, BGC Finance  is able to support its clients on their fund raising and M&A processes in Europe and America.


Our values are part of BGC Finance' DNA and thus represent a core part in the establishment and maintaining a good quality on our business relations.

Focused on the satisfaction of our clients, BGC Finance works with :

  • moral, contributing to promote good business relations;

  • professional ethics, including business confidentiality and loyalty, professionalism, fight on conflict of interest, and independence on analyses provided.

As sharing our values with the community sounds important to us, BGC Finance has been involved in an endowment fund focused on the promotion of a high level of education.

As a co-founder, BGC Finance, through his founder,  held a Board seat.



BGC Finance is focused on succeeding its missions with professionalism, fairness and respecting the highest ethics and financial standards.

BGC Finance supports and advises its clients (entrepreneurs, managers, investors) to realize their projects and provides independent and fair value stock coverages.

  • Market analysis.
  • Defining and writing business plan.
  • Elaborating pitch book for investors.
  • Investor relations.
  • Managing and monitoring fundraising process.
  • Company financial valuation at fair value.


Always respecting highest standards, BGC Finance provides advice, and high value quality deliverables on strategic issues in France and overseas, Brazil and USA in particular.

BGC Finance leads its clients' business projects with professionalism and ethics.

Supporting entrepreneurs and managers on their strategic positioning, fundraising and M&A processes, BGC Finance helps to:

  • define the company strategy;
  • realize and validate the business plan;
  • perform competitor anad market analyses;
  • analyze potential targets and/or partners;
  • perform fundraising process.

Supported a vibrant immuno-oncology Paris-based biotech company on its fundraising process, including performing its business plan, pitch book and investor relations.

Supplied strategic advices to an educational brazilian company, performing its business plan and a partnering research for a cross border joint venture project.


BGC Finance uses the best financial standards and reliable information for performing assets and company valuations with rigor and diligence.

Applying its expertise in finance and science, BGC Finance supplies corporate finance advice and provides financial valuations using robust and relevant methods.

Our methodology considers the singularities of our clients and is based on the most relevant researches and financial data.

Performed private company valuations for managers and board directors to supporting decision-making processes, and giving them a relevant tool in their negotiations and their investment processes.

Performed financial analyses based on relevant data on listed healthcare companies in Paris, in order to supporting investors investment decision-making through strong rationales and stock volatility on markets.


BGC Finance supports public listed companies on their financial strategies according to financial markets standards.

Due to its expertises and respecting AMF standards, BGC Finance performs financial coverages and financial data analyse with fairness and rigor.

Following stock picking and investment strategies, BGC Finance analyse vibrant healthcare companies, in the french market in particular.

Performed coverages of biotech stocks listed on the french financial market. Thus, high quality analyse enhance the portfolio investment strategy of investors while supporting stocks volatility.

Collaborated with a listing sponsor to the IPO  in the Euronext Growth market of "Metrics In Balance", an innovative dentistry Belgium company. Performed the strategic and valuation report.



BGC Finance provides objective financial information involved processes in the business development cycle.

The involvement of BGC Finance in disseminating relevant financial information aims to improve the understanding of the public to corporate finance issues.

BGC Finance writes and provides a range of materials.

Regarding copyright and all other requests for additional information, please send your request here.


Fundraising: an essential step for companies development

Document (pdf format) available here.

Private Equity investments in Europe and in France between 2007 and 2015

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